Student Evaluation of
GSE Courses and Instructors

Course Evaluations for the Fall 2014 semester are not open except for selected courses; continue and login if your instructor or the evaluation unit gave you intructions to do so.

In order to continually improve our performance and efficacy, the Graduate School of Education wants to clearly understand your experience and perceptions of our courses and instructors.

This survey should take only a few minutes of your time to complete, and all information will be kept strictly confidential within the Evaluation Unit. The information you provide will be used for purposes of course improvement and faculty promotion. The Instructor will receive only a transcription of your class's comments. Upon completion of the survey, please be sure to click the "Submit" button.

Thank you very much for your valuable time and insights.
Evaluation Unit

Click the Login button to take you to the CalNet authentication page and begin the evaluation.

Note: this system uses Single Sign-on: if you have multiple GSE classes, you only need to sign into CalNet once to evaluate all your courses. IF YOU ARE USING A PUBLIC COMPUTER, PLEASE REMEMBER TO LOG OUT WHEN YOU ARE DONE (log out buttons are located along the evaluation flow and on the sidebar of this page).